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The Configurator is the only tool of its kind to allow instant online pricing of your digital display.  It does all the work, but the rewards are all yours.

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Why LED?


LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a bright, energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. There is no filament in LEDs, therefore, they do not burn out like other light bulbs. Rather, they slowly dim over time. LEDs reach a half-life (50% of starting brightness) at about 100,000 hours, or 11 years.



An LED sign is made up individual panels called modules. The modules, which are usually about 10-12” square, can be configured to create almost any size of display. Full-color, outdoor LED displays use a cluster of three LEDs to create a pixel. Each pixel is capable of producing various shades and a large palate of colors. Next LED displays can produce up to 281 trillion colors. The distance between the pixels, or pitch, is what determines the resolution of the sign. The closer the pixels are together, the higher the resolution and clarity of the image display.



On premise LED signs are typically installed on a pole, monument or wall. These displays are often part of other signage features such as identification cabinets or masonry bases. It takes a standard personal computer to communicate with an LED display.


Next LED places an enormous value on the role a local sign company plays in supporting your purchase. Our partnerships with reputable sign companies around the country ensure your unique needs are met from start to finish. These experts will help you choose the right product, develop a comprehensive project design, navigate the permitting process, and make sure your sign is properly installed so you can put it to work.

Businesses that enhance their signage with an electronic message display typically see an increase in business of 15% to 150%

- US Small Business Administration


The installation of an LED Display at your business or organization is like reaping the benefits from owning a media outlet. Rather than “renting” time or space from the local radio station or newspaper, your LED sign will allow you to communicate your message to the most important customers – those who are right in front of your door. This dynamic marketing tool costs a fraction of what traditional media requires and allows you to take advantage of no-cost production, dynamic scheduling, and tremendous message flexibility not afforded by static signage.


Hands down, the best marketing investment you can make in your business or organization. For a fraction of what you’ll spend in other media, an LED Display lets you DYNAMICALLY market your products and services to the people right in front of your door.

Promote Special Events,

Daily Specials,

Inventory Clearance,

Connect with Your Community,

Recognize Employees,

Day-part your messages,

Highlight Seasonal Products,

Leverage your vendors,

No-Cost Production,

Attention Grabbing,

Deliver with Frequency.


At NEXT LED, we’re committed to providing our dealers with the best service and support possible – an intense focus on growing your business beginning with high quality LED products at great prices.

But what about reaching out to your customers?  We believe strongly in focused marketing efforts and are happy to support efforts that target business in your geographic area or a particular market segment.

Our focus is to keep it easy for both you and your customers, especially if you’re a dealer who wants to focus more on selling than becoming an LED expert.

It’s also about a strong warranty and great product, all of which NEXT provides. But NEXT looks at the entire value proposition with your customers and fills the gaps between what you, the dealer, can do and what your customers might want. Their decisions may be a hair’s-breadth away, and NEXT can help you overcome buyers’ reluctance.
Do other manufacturers do this? No. NEXT does.
This means offering your customers a compelling product line with the warranties and services they need. We don’t over-focus on product engineering; it’s about the total value proposition to the customer – the things they care about in a purchase and the features & benefits that make them money.
It’s also about reducing your overhead. Let us be your back-office expert, organizing your go-to-market documents and assisting in the sales materials you need to close the deal. It’s also about managing time. Time is money. We are committed to saving you time and personnel costs.
As an extended member of your sales team, we can reduce your expenses while maximizing your sales opportunities. As a NEXT dealer, you have options – we offer certification programs that will teach you the ins and outs of everything you need to know or you can utilize our staff to be your technical experts.
    – Leads assigned to you
    – Sales materials
    – Dealer promotions
    – Turnkey, outsourced marketing
    – Artist’s renderings of proposed projects
    – Proposal assistance
    – Online purchase agreements
    – Dedicated tech support
    – Demo Units

It’s time to start doing your own demos.  Get full 24 / 7 access to your own mobile sales tool.  Utilizing our graphic designers, cellular connection, and your sales prowess we will help you close a greater percentage of your sales.  Contact us today to learn how we can grow your business with our tools.

Generate extra income while using it as a demo.  Rent it to customers for events or weekend trials.

Service And Support

It’s our job to make your digital sign investment and experience effective and easy.  We offer an outstanding warranty and software package along with tech and customer support that keeps the operation of your sign as simple as possible so you and your team can do what you do best..

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