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Content is King

Content is King. The ubiquitous saying applies to all levels of marketing and media that are competing for the attention of consumers. And in a world where the average person is exposed to thousands of messages every day, it is imperative that content be timely, relevant and engaging to stand a chance at making an impact.

A simple, yet effective animated message, followed by a Call-to-Action.

At Next LED, there is nothing we believe in more than the marketing power of an LED sign. But we also know that simply installing an electronic message center in front of a business or organization won’t have customers lining up around the block. It takes active management of the display and dynamic visual messages to move the needle. It takes thinking beyond the black box. Of course, anyone can use the operating software to create messages; and all of our LED signs come with a no-cost content library that allows users access to animated video backgrounds and templates, seasonal content and imagery appropriate for a given sign aspect ratio. But we don’t leave it at that.

Every Next LED sign comes with a year’s worth of custom content. The end-user has direct access to our professional design team that will use high-level graphics and animation software to create messages specific to an individual user. From “evergreen” layouts like the animation of an organization’s logo or a message that highlights a flagship product to an aggressive ad for a limited time offer or congratulations to a local team, we’ll outfit the end user with professional, animated content that maximizes the return on investment in their Next LED sign.

Professional graphic design team at your service Custom content developed specifically for your customer’s business

** Next LED products are engineered & assembled in Wichita, KS.
Promising the quality & work ethic of the heartland.



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