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You keep selling. We’ll keep handling the solicitation from financing companies.

Guess who calls us three times a day wanting your number? This guy.

No, not stock-photo model in a suit. He’s just a visual representation of all the equipment leasing and financing company guys wanting you to use their products to help you sell yours. And he’s hungry for business.

We’re happy to take the call, gather the information and help you streamline the process. Anything that makes the purchase of a business-generating Electronic Message Center a little bit easier for you and your customer is worth our time.

At Next LED, we produce what we feel is the most cost effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. And as we preach Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – more and more companies are willing to provide financial tools that can put the expense of a new sign into an affordable monthly line item for your customer. In the past couple of years, our product has become almost universally acceptable for business equipment leases, zero down payment financing options, and short-term working capital arrangements.

The application process is fast and easy. And in many cases, approval for a sign product is almost instant.

So, quit selling “$46,000 Signs” and start selling “The best $700 a month you can spend to grow your business.”

We’ll take the calls and compile the resources. Just let us know when you want some information that will help you sell.
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** Next LED products are engineered & assembled in Wichita, KS.
Promising the quality & work ethic of the heartland.



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