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Configurator Vampire

There are two ways to increase sales:

1. Make more sales calls.

2. Make better sales calls.

And since our last Sales Tutorial titled Add More Hours to Your Day and a Completely Reliable Back-Office Sales Support Team In Minutes was roundly rejected as unachievable, let’s examine how Next LED can help you achieve #2 – Make BETTER SALES CALLS.

The CUSTOMER is Always Right. Sales professionals that value this concept intrinsically are often the most successful in generating repeat business and building long-term relationships that generate income. But…

PROSPECTS can be vampires. Every new sign project comes with an opportunity cost. Time suckers, Lookie-Loo’s, and Price Grinders will cost you money that could be made in spending time with a qualified buyer.

That’s why Next LED developed THE CONFIGURATOR (http://www.nextledsigns.com/configurator) . Our online LED Display pricing tool is one-of-a-kind in the industry. In just 90-seconds we help qualify one of your potential customers and share the lead with you. Business Owners can quickly and easily get a ballpark retail price for an Electronic Message Center.


So, quit spending time with those prospects that think an LED Message Center should cost the same as 42” TV at Wal-Mart and share our tool with them. We’ll send them back educated and more likely to buy. Want to see how it works? Try it for yourself!

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Promising the quality & work ethic of the heartland.



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