Content Services


In all forms of advertising you will find the delivery of messages to be amazing and also meek.  Your digital sign is a huge investment and it is only as effective as the content you put on it. You need dynamic selling messages and timely scheduling to truly make your investment payoff.  

And while the sign control software available with Next LED products allows users to create and schedule terrific looking messages, we know that you’re a business owner, not a digital graphic artist.  Three monthly service options are available to all LED sign owners regardless of manufacturer or software.  Learn more about features, our online library of content, and our dedicated account content managers that will be available to your business. You owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward and create AMAZING!

We take our commitment to content one step further. Every owner of a Next LED sign, has direct access to our professional content design team. In the first year of ownership, Next LED sign owners will receive 12 months of the Basic Package.  We’ll use high-level design programs to create powerful messages and templates for you to use. And we’ll help you put systems in place to schedule and manage your content in a way that’s most effective for you.