SM Infinity – Adding Users

Hello, I’m Luke with Next Led. Today we’re going to look at SM infinity and how to register new users. When you arrive at, you will be prompted to login in order to access your account. Initially you will be given a Next Led login and password. This will come from an account manager or somebody on our service team. When you enter SM Infinity, you will see the module “My Users.” Go ahead and select that module and open it up. Inside you’ll see the Next Led username and password that you created and that it’s already set up as an owner role. We are going to have you add yourself as an owner, in order to be able to access this software in the future. This will give you the full flexibility to create your own password and also be able to reset and control your passwords moving forward, should you need to change them. You should also note, that you will be able to add multiple users to your account, should you have someone else in your company or business that you would like to be able to control the sign as well. After adding the user, you’ll select save and you will see your new user included on the list. After completion, logout and go back to the main login menu, enter your new email address and password that you created, and confirm that you’re logging in. Should you have any issues please contact Next Led for service and support. Thank you and make it a great day.