SM Infinity – My Graphic Library

Let’s now review “My Graphic Library.” My Graphic Library is your online web-based backed up server where you can load your personal graphics, animations, images and third-party ads from websites like Project Content. Inside this module, you’ll notice that there is a folder structure on the left side of the screen. Here is where you’ll be able to sort out any files that you bring into SM Infinity. There is no limit to the number of files that you can upload into your folders, and depending on the size of your folder, you can sort and review in two methods. One either by selecting multiple pages and sorting through, or by viewing all results on one page and scrolling down. When you select a file you’ll get a media preview and you’ll also have the ability to change any file name and review key properties such as the dimensions and when the file was loaded. Inside your My Library, you’ll have the ability to add sub-folders to best fit your management and advertisement needs. These sub-folders will allow you to upload files, and it’s important to note that media files can come in a wide variety of extensions. To upload a file, simply choose choose file. Locate the file on your PC and once it’s open you can change the file name and you can also choose which folder you would like for it to be placed. You will now see in the Tuesday ads folder that we just created the wheat image that we uploaded. Let’s say down the road you have forgotten where you placed the wheat image and you want to be able to search. Simply type in any keyword that you think might be a part of the file name, hit search, and you’ll be able to locate your wheat. My Graphic Library also has a folder labeled “General.” “General” is a library of pre-made content that SM Infinity provides to all users. In here, you’ll find a variety of holiday, seasonal and basic advertising messages. All of these can be used in My Schedules and Doodle Editor. You now have the ability to upload files to SM infinity and it’s time to start the Doodle Editor. We’ll go back to the home screen and begin the next lesson.