2 Statistics — Ouch.

My dad always told me, “Practice what you preach.  People will believe you when they can see the proof.”  It’s a pretty natural thing to understand.  We live in a world where everyone is an ‘expert’  – especially if they have a youtube channel with a handful of followers. The truth is, most people are not experts. The easiest way to make someone believe you is by showing proof that you practice what you preach.

That leads me to a statistic that the sign industry uses quite a bit – that businesses with an LED EMC find their ROI increase 15-150%.  If that is true, why don’t more sign companies have LED EMCs for their own business?  The truth is, less than 10% of sign companies that actively sell LED EMCs actually own a LED EMC themselves.  Ouch.

We often hear, “We don’t know how to increase our digital LED EMC sales!”  The easiest selling tool would be simply to ‘own’ a sign – and say to a prospective sign customer, “Here’s my sign.”  Ironically, it would probably increase your LED EMC sales ROI 10-150%.

The ROI is probably on the higher end of that statistic –  because most sign dealers will qualify for a significant discount (due to the fact they’re a sign dealer).  This is something you should really be considering if you are serious about profitably selling LED EMCs.  

Here’s another irony.  The two sign dealers who sell the most NextLED signs both own LED EMCs and they’re both in Missouri – the ‘Show-Me State’. 

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