Don’t be an EMC sign turkey

Last weekend I heard something banging on the window from my two sons’ bedroom. Above is what I saw when I walked in. A wild turkey. It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on. You see, turkeys are not the smartest of birds. I realized that this turkey was seeing his reflection in the window… and didn’t know it was his reflection in the window.  He was trying to communicate with a friend. A friend that was in fact, his reflection. But as soon as I moved closer to the window, he was able to see me (not a turkey) and that turkey, along with his buddy, high-tailed it out of there. 

This got me thinking.

In my experience in the sign industry, sign shops/sign dealers can sometimes act like turkeys when it comes to choosing EMC manufacturers. Now stay with me here… I’m not trying to offend anyone!

Ok, are we good? Ok. 

You see turkeys truly do flock together. Where I live, our backyard butts up to a creek with 40 acres of flood plain behind it. We get deer, coyote, armadillos, the occasional fox, more coyotes and tons and tons of wild turkeys prancing through our yard (no you cannot come hunt in my backyard, you’ll scare the neighbors). Turkeys have two concerns in life: 1) Staying alive and 2) Constantly wondering what the turkey next to them is doing. That’s why that turkey was banging on the window.  It was just wondering what the turkey in the reflection was doing.  It’s point number two that made me think of sign dealers.


You see, I have this conversation with sign dealers all the time:

Me:  “Hi.  Have you heard of Next LED?  We are a super innovative up and coming LED EMC sign manufacturer located in Wichita, KS. You ought to give us a try on your next project and see how different we are.”

Sign Dealer:  “Oh that’s nice.  Hey we’re good.  We use Behemoth Corporation Signs.”

Me:  “Why do you use them?”

Sign Dealer:  “We just always have.”

Me:  “Why?”

Sign Dealer:  “Well we haven’t really had any problems.”

Me:  “Well that’s good.  But why do you like them?”

And then I get the look.  It’s the look that says “I have no flippin’ clue.”

And then they say… wait for it… “Well that’s what everybody else does, so…”


When someone asks me why I married my wife, I talk about our similar passions for life, her goofiness with our kids, how beautiful she is, and the magnificent way her mind works. The one thing I don’t say is: “I married my wife because we don’t have any problems.”

You may think this is a stretch to compare marrying someone to choosing an EMC provider but it’s not. EMCs are big time investments and you can’t mess this up. But is that all we’ve come to expect out of a EMC manufacturer? Just don’t screw up? That’s flocking like a turkey. What about living in a world where every sign owner was blown away with the sign you sold them both on the day it was installed (2 months later after it was sold which is another issue… I digress) and on the beginning of the 6th year the sign was installed because the content on the sign is so incredible it’s been driving crazy awesome traffic and ROI for YEARS!  If that’s a stretch in your mind than consider the possibility.  What if it wasn’t a stretch? What if there are EMC manufacturers out there that think and operate this way? There are. I work for one of them.

What do you have to lose in trying a different company on one project?  NextLED wants to do more than just leave you with no problems. We want you to fall in love with the way we do business and how we are driven to impress sign owners with their signs on the 6th year as much as the first day. Which’ I might add gets you tons of referral business.


Did you know you can place an order today and be installing the sign 3 days later?  We are doing it right now with sign dealers across the country in partnership with GSG. We call it “From Order to Install in 3 days.”

Did you know we have ways of partnering with sign dealers to pay them for providing an avenue for amazing content on sign owners EMCs without requiring any extra work? Which really comes in handy next time you are showing your next potential customer an existing sign you sold. No more cringing when you realize they have Arial text scrolling on their sign with no animations and it looks horrible.

What we are providing is different. It’s different because we are passionate about the signs we sell AND the content that makes them incredible. If you’re looking for a leg up, a wing up, then maybe it’s time we start working together and we can all eat the rest of the turkeys’ market share this Thanksgiving. Come visit us at

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